2018-11-28: Probe of Gerbersheim

The launch site of Idar-Oberstein started a volley of  DFM06s and DFM09s. One of them made to the vicinity of Stuttgart.

The flight path of DF6384D2 from Idar-Oberstein to Gerbersheim. The distance is about 160km.


Even after landing, the a weather probe radio network could still receive it — which is an indicator that the probe landed high up.

Probe ID Time Longitude Latitude Course Speed Altitude
DF6384D2 2018-11-28 22:48:32 48.8071 8.98935 20 0 473

The  position suggested that the probe had landed in a high voltage line.  A nearby pylon looked massive and high on google maps.

The landing zone of DF6384D2 in the cables of a high-voltage line

On 2018-11-29,  Claus checked out the landing site on its way home  but it was too dark to make visual contact. The probe had stopped transmitting by then, so other means of localization where not possible. The next morning, he returned on his way to work and found the parachute. After Claus had explained to me where to look for the parachute, I moved in on Saturday. I quickly located the probe high up in the cables. Well, what goes up, will come down — now it is a matter of time and weather until the probe will make its final plunge.

A massive pylon. The probe hangs about 5m to the right of the pylon on the left lower level and is barely visible as white dot


The parachute


Close-up of the parachute. Interestingly, the parachute was equipped with a glow stick. What might that be good for?


The probe hanging firmly on a cable