2019-10-03: The flight of P2050177 from Idar-Oberstein to Gerlingen

Wind from the North-West and quite strong. A probe from Idar-Oberstein made its way to Stuttgart. A vertical velocity of 13m/s during the final phase of the flight was a sure indicator for a parachute malfunction.

Arriving in the vicinity one hour after its landing, I could not pick up the signal right away with the handheld radio. I switched to the yagi-antenna and the SDR, and there it was.

13792 Do 2019-10-03 20:23:02.000 lat: 48.80456 lon: 9.07802 alt: 370.48 vH: 0.0 D: 114.1 vV: 0.0
13793 Do 2019-10-03 20:23:03.000 lat: 48.80456 lon: 9.07802 alt: 370.50 vH: 0.1 D: 10.4 vV: -0.1
13794 Do 2019-10-03 20:23:04.000 lat: 48.80456 lon: 9.07802 alt: 370.48 vH: 0.1 D: 6.4 vV: 0.0

P2050177 had landed in a field. Armed with a torch and a GPS I found and recovered it.

P2050177 should be somewhere in this field
P2050177 on the floor (white box in the image center)
The parachute entangled in the balloon rest
Landing Zone of P2050177
The Trajectory of P2050177